Disaster Recovery

Maintain consistency, transparency, visibility and flexibility over your entire critical systems through OculusIT’s disaster recovery management processes.

Our trusted disaster recovery solutions help you to create a geographically redundant DR solution which never lets your IT infrastructure go down. Our fastest tools for backing up virtual machines replicates your primary infrastructure on the fly to ready-to-run clones at secondary infrastructures. This keeps you ready to face any disaster. Our DR solution offers complete data protection as well as a fail over mechanism, allowing you to operate from secondary locations without restoring the failed VMs, in a matter of minutes in the event of a disaster. This is the reason why so many institutions trust us to create their DR solutions for their critical IT systems.

  • Advance arrangements and procedures are developed that enable an organization to respond to disaster very promptly – within a time frame, with minimal loss and by restoring affected areas.
  • Protects against potential threats
  • Minimizes disruption and operational losses
  • Manages the recovery operation in an organized and effective manner
  • Restores and build back confidence of investors, stakeholders and customers
  • Manages brand image and reputation
  • Ensures Survival
  • Infrastructure recovery services – IT recovery
  • Application Continuity Services
  • Continuity options for storage area networks
  • Infrastructure recovery services – Work Area recovery
  • Hardware Recovery
  • Disaster recoverability assessment
  • System Recovery
  • Recovery Planning Report
  • Infrastructure recovery services
  • Network recovery
  • Multi-site and Multi-tenant: You can replicate between more than one site to enable centralized and simplified management and for full realization of economies of scale
  • Array agnostic: Irrespective of your storage vendor and architecture, we replicate your environment in all the scenarios
  • Deployed quickly and remotely: We don’t have long queues for your request. It takes us just few hours to connect you to Disaster recovery, worry-free mode
  • Low latency time: Recover your applications on click of a button, with our super-fast connectivity
  • Customized packages: Not all applications are critical; we help you to pick your critical lot regardless of the physical server or storage location of your applications.


OculusIT has complete ABS system for DR management service when you want to drive your business on the fast.


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