QuickLaunch SSO

Transform your institution by giving employees, customers, partners, suppliers and students secure access to essential information and applications whether on-premises, in the cloud, from a mobile device or at a partner’s site. As your institution’s Web applications increase, you want to provide a seamless user experience by allowing your users to sign on once to access all of their applications while protecting your organization from breaches and other threats.

“I forgot my username and password!” is one of the most common problems when managing multiple desktop and internet applications. OculusIT leverages QuickLaunch SSO solutions to address this problem by enabling users to use one username and password to login into all of their websites and enterprise software applications on any devices. With OculusIT’s Single Sign-On solution, you get flexible and secure identity access management.

Through automation and online self-service, OculusIT offers a cost-effective single sign-on solution via QuickLaunch SSO with an increased number of online services and applications for end-users. QuickLaunch SSO has engineered a comprehensive security and SSO platform, targeted at easing integration with frequently used systems in any industry.

OculusIT’s SSO solution provides audit as well as access control for virtually any SaaS application or SaaS platform, irrespective of location public or private clouds. Our solution works seamlessly with any Web SSO infrastructure that you may be using because it is adaptable.

OculusIT leverages QuickLaunch SSO solution which includes:

  • Portal/SaaS-based application Integration
  • Directory Sync
  • Secure Authentication Mechanism
  • Password Management Suite
  • Provisioning and Deprovisioning
  • Desktop SSO
  • Mobile SSO

OculusIT provides comprehensive federated identity management and flexible single sign-on solutions (SSO) so the clients can:

  • Provide higher levels of security with multi-factor authentication
  • Manage all identities and enforce policies from any directory
  • Avoid duplicating user directories
  • Establish secure one-click access between identity and service providers
  • Eliminate password sprawl
  • Protect web applications and APIs

With multiple integrations and a network of supported applications, OculusIT additionally helps the clients leverage their existing identity infrastructure and provides easy enablement for target applications.

  • Integrate with your existing IAM infrastructure.
  • Enable applications in hours or days.
  • Bridge identity systems to accelerate new relationships

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