Microsoft Identity Manager

With Microsoft competencies in Identity, Access and Cloud services in addition to years of delivering identity management solutions, OculusIT has gained to offer the wealth of knowledge and experience to others. Even fewer can deliver that expertise in way which is easy to understand, affordable and seamless.

OculusIT can deliver a Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) solution that enables you to give end users the self-service tools they require while automating common identity lifecycle management tasks.

Using OculusIT’s MIM solution, you can empower users to self-remediate identity issues, including group membership and password reset functions with an easy-to-use interface, resulting in increased productivity and end-user satisfaction. Further, OculusIT will also discover and map permissions across multiple systems to individual, assignable roles, leveraging role mining tools to discover the various permission sets for users across the enterprise to be later modeled and applied centrally.

Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM), formerly Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) is Microsoft’s hybrid identity management platform that can connect all of your on-premises and cloud identities. MIM can manage the complete user lifecycle, including provisioning, deprovisioning, and access management to Microsoft and non-Microsoft systems through workflows that model your business requirements. With MIM’s self-service capabilities, your end users can reset their passwords, manage group memberships, and participate in approval workflows.

OculusIT’s Microsoft Identity Manager Consulting Services includes:

  • Identity assessments
  • IAM Roadmap and planning
  • Requirements and design development
  • Implementation
  • Identity Manager upgrades

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