IT Helpdesk Services

As consumerization sweeps across the globe, cloud and mobile technologies are enabling and empowering employees like never before. The traditional IT service desk is not only expected to support an increasingly diverse range of technologies and platforms, but must also match the level of personalization, empowerment, and speed that an average employee is used to outside the workplace. Inability to provide prompt technical support will eventually lead to employee dissatisfaction, loss of motivation, and a decrease in productivity. Businesses therefore need an IT support specialist they can depend on.

In our digital era, as IT aligns itself to business, the IT service desk must emerge from its fire-fighting mode and shift focus – from problem management, to offering pre-emptive and proactive support.

At OCULUSIT we manage more than 1 million service desk contacts annually, for over 250 enterprise customers, helping create some of the most modern and efficient workplaces. Our global delivery footprint supports over 7 countries, and it’s IT support service helps make service desks proactive, highly personalized, and more importantly, business aligned. You will be able to resolve issues faster and with an efficiency that ensures your employees are spending their valuable time on business that matters.

Service Components of  OculusIT IT Service Desk:

  • First and Second Level Support-for logging, tracking, resolution, and reporting of help desk incidents and service requests. Involves activities associated with restoring normal service operations as quickly as possible and minimizes the adverse impact on business operations.
  • Service Request Management-encompasses all activities – from accepting and logging of a service request, to request prioritization, request fulfillment, and subsequent closure.
  • Global Account Management Automation-of user provisioning and de-provisioning processes, using workflow and identity management tools from Microsoft & Amazon.
  • Service Readiness and Improvement-OculusIT Service Readiness team acts as an enabler in supporting new applications, software, and hardware rollouts, and in bringing changes to the environment. Operational improvements are made by reducing the number of tickets, reducing recurring incidents, and performing effective root cause analysis, problem management, and more.
  • Critical Incident Management- for critical incidents, the OculusIT team immediately swings into action, opens up a conference bridge, coordinates for resolution with multiple parties, and sends regular updates to business and IT stakeholders based on the escalation matrix.

OculusIT Service Desk solutions help

  • To drive personalization in the workplace, by providing support to the business role that the user assumes in the organization
  • To empower users through automation, self-help and self-heal functions available through OculusIT
  • As a catalyst in executing the “Shift – Left” vision by driving behavior change management programs
  • Provide proactive user support through real time monitoring, end user IT analytics, and proactive support available through OculusIT NOC

OculusIT service desk services and solutions offer business-aligned user support which is predictive, proactive, and personalized to end users, based on user-profiling and automation.

The benefits include:

  • Enhanced user experience
  • Increased efficiency through automation
  • Preemptive resolution of issues


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