LookingGlass CRM Consulting Services

A new approach to CRM Solution aligned with Higher Education and Your Institution

Outreach, retention, recruitment and advancement can all become time consuming tasks when it is all handled manually on a one-off basis. Leads, prospects, current and former customer information can also become tricky to keep track of especially if it is fragmented among multiple locations or systems. OculusIT leverages LookingGlass CRM Platform, (OculusIT is a higher education partner of LookingGlass Platform) gives you the ability to not only consolidate all of your user information in one location, it also allows you to automate nearly every aspect of the user’s life-cycle.

LookingGlass CRM has been designed as a suite of tools to create a personalized experience for prospective students and other audiences of importance to you; and to help you achieve your student recruitment goals.

  1. Organization: Organize your customers into a logical hierarchy with the ability to build logic into the individual person’s records. At-risk customers can be at the top of your outreach list, new customers will be the first to be welcomed. Design logic based on any piece of information of your customer whether its location, age, budget or affiliations.
  1. Automation: Time is money, and being able to automate key processes and functions will save you both. Setup intelligent and dynamic workflows that can allow correspondence to be automatically sent out, records to be automatically updated or re-assigning the owners of records are just a few of the possible options.
  1. Alerts and Notifications: Being aware of changes in customer status, disposition, and details are key to keeping your customers happy. Set up a smart Alert and Notification system to inform your teams automatically when any condition is met. You decide what is important, you decide who should be notified and you decide how they should be notified. Delivery channels include text-messages, email, and CRM-based popup notifications.
  1. Deep and Detailed Data: Get a clearer picture of your constituents. Detailed Reporting and Dashboards are easily customizable and provide limitless possibilities of filtering and organizing.
  1. Flexible and Customizable: LookingGlass CRM offers strong and flexible customization options. All of the above features are empowered by this. Need to have automation or reporting based upon a piece of information that is not currently on your records? Add a field to track it with a few simple clicks. Define logic that prevents a record from being saved if it is missing critical information to ensure data integrity. Create new pages and entire applications to be used within the CRM from scratch.


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