Microsoft® Azure® Migration & Managed Services

Institutions and organizations today are constantly focused towards business models that can innovate and further strengthen their systems and enterprise applications running from years. Reliable backup storage, disaster recovery & redundancy, secure data access, scalability & high availability are few challenges which demands the need of extending or integrating their applications or systems with Cloud.

OculusIT Managed Services for Azure includes a comprehensive suite of services for setup, migration, and management of assets on Azure. The scope of services includes disaster recovery (DR), backup, server instances and business application workloads.

Migrating applications to Azure require strategy which can address your unmatched security, secure & reliable backup, store, recovery & redundancy, security and maximized efficiency. OculusIT offer Azure Infrastructure Services to develop, plan, and execute enterprise specific cloud migration strategies for securely & reliably extending infrastructure to Azure.

OculusIT’s Microsoft® Azure® Managed Services give enterprises the ability to manage, optimize, administer and monitor on and off-premise infrastructure and applications.

  • Enable and Manage Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure: Capacity optimization between Azure® and on-Premise Infrastructure
  • Development & Test Environments: Manage rapid deployment and shutdown of development and test environments for application projects
  • SharePoint®: Deploy and manage your SharePoint® environments on Azure®
  • SQL Server® and Storage: Deploy and Manage SQL® and Storage Infrastructure on Azure®
  • Active Directory® Services: Deploy and Manage Secure Identity services using Active Directory® Services across Azure® and on-premise
  • Manage Mobile app back-end storage and on-premise integration on Azure®

For applications that are already running on your own servers in-house, OculusIT provides migration services for your infrastructure where OculusIT can migrate from any of your physical infrastructure to the Azure cloud. We replace architecture with suitable Azure cloud architecture and then migrate the applications and data.

  • Azure Migration Assessment and Planning
  • Application Migration to Microsoft Azure
  • Infrastructure Migration to Azure IAAS
  • Database Migration to Azure, SQL Database
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Deployment Planning and Evaluation

Disclaimer: OculusIT is not a partner or affiliate nor does an agency relationship exist between Ellucian®, Banner®, or Colleague®. OculusIT does not develop, market or distribute these products or services nor do these companies or products endorse the products or services of OculusIT.


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