Cloud Backup

Hosting major systems and services in the cloud transforms the way IT teams operate and creates a number of benefits for institutions.

When business and mission criticality come into question, OculusIT’s Cloud Backup solutions come into picture to keep you backed up. We always ensure that there is a plan B to minimize the effects of any downtime and disaster.

OculusIT Cloud Backup is a simple and cost-effective backup-as-a-service solution that extends tried-and-trusted tools on-premises with rich and powerful tools in the cloud. It delivers protection for customers’ data no matter where it resides: in the enterprise data center, in remote and branch offices or in the public cloud; while being sensitive to the unique requirements these scenarios pose. OculusIT Backup, now in a seamless portal experience with OculusIT Site Recovery, offers minimal maintenance and cost-efficiency, consistent tools for off-site backups and operational recovery and unified application availability and data protection.

  • Daily VM backups and system-level data integrity checks
  • Ability to keep multiple recovery points
  • A built-in interface that allows you to restore data quickly and efficiently
  • High-performance, redundant backup architecture that helps protect your data all the time
  • Backup options created for a variety of data volumes and security compliance requirements

Compelling cloud-based backup alternative to tape
Due to business or compliance requirements, organizations are required to protect their data for years and over time this data grows exponentially. Traditionally, tape has been used for long-term retention. OculusIT Backup provides a compelling alternative to tape with significant cost savings, shorter recovery times and up to 99 years of retention.

Secure and reliable backup as a service
Your backup data is secure over the wire and at rest. The backup data is stored in Geo-replicated storage, which maintains 6 copies of your data across two Azure® data centers. With 99.9% service availability, Backup provides operational peace of mind.

Efficient and flexible online backup services
Backup is  efficiently over the network and on your disk. Once the initial seeding is complete, only incremental changes are sent at a defined frequency. Built-in features, such as compression, encryption, longer retention and bandwidth throttling, help boost IT efficiency.


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