Network Assessment

Why should you undergo a periodic network vulnerability assessment when everything appears to be working fine? Regular assessments help you understand your network in its current context and in the context of current threats. Technology constantly changes and so do threats from malicious actors.

OculusIT’s Network Vulnerability Assessment Solution uses a combination of standard and internally developed methodologies to provide best in class visibility into our client organization’s risk profile. Driven by strong vulnerability expertise, OculusIT delivers assessments that provide actionable intelligence and recommendations. The purpose of Network Vulnerability Assessment is to measure/analyze and document the network & security functionality and performance. Our services provide a thorough overview of your organization’s security assumptions and imitations, identifying risks and providing recommended safeguards.

  • Physical-layer analysis
  • Network configuration analysis
  • Vulnerability checks on current IOS version
  • Security vulnerability assessment
  • Documented findings and recommendations

To start with, we work with you to define and classify network resources and to assign levels of importance to each resource. Then, testing begins and we identify potential threats to each resource. To counter these potential threats, we work to develop recommendations for each. At the end of the assessment, OculusIT provides all of our findings and recommendations so you know whether or not you are secure today and what to do to strengthen your security.


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