Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions to provide a secure, managed, cloud-based virtual desktop experience to all end-users. We offer a centrally-managed virtual desktop environment that streamlines the planning, roll-out and management of desktop infrastructure while offering better manageability and responsiveness to changing user needs. Additionally, this model often results in decreased operating and capital costs.

OculusIT provides a complete cloud-based VDI as a Service including compute, persistent storage, and applications with flexible fee structures. The users get a better experience and more functionality than a traditional PC, at half the cost of an on-premises VDI solution.

  • Reduce the time and effort spent provisioning new desktops
  • Quickly respond to user needs for more processing power, memory, or storage
  • Easily maintain patch compliance for desktop operating systems and applications
  • Providing customized computing power to users in place of pre-built solutions
  • Provide secure remote access to your users and to outside vendors and contractors
  • Extend enterprise disaster recovery and business continuity processes to include desktops
  • Lower cost than on-site VDI; Support provided by experts
  • Reduced operating and capital outlays for computing

OculusIT’s VDI as a Service helps reduce desktop management costs by reducing complexity, reducing on-site computing requirements, and by utilizing experts in VDI at a distance rather than requiring on-site staff to understand and support VDI in addition to their other responsibilities. Use VDI as a Service to:

  • Provide virtual computer labs with custom images that include software you select along with the computing requirements to run that software
  • Reduce physical computers where some users may have more than one device today
  • Provide remote workers or those who travel with a stable, easy to access, and fully functional environment
  • Minimize inherent vulnerabilities to storing and utilizing data on physical computers by providing everyone with a virtual desktop
  • Bolster business continuity and disaster recovery plans by providing virtual resources that are not impacted by issues on-site


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