Eliminate Duplicate Records via ElimiName for Banner®

For many institutions, inconsistent data is not just inconvenient, it is a major impediment to their work. The collection of data from multiple applications and databases creates the potential of duplicate records in Banner®. These can lead to confusion, inaccurate record keeping, and inefficient, frustrating processes for students and staff.

ElimiName gives you the ability to clear up confusion, reduce errors, and create improved processes to remove duplicate student entries (PIDMs) from your database. Improve your data consistency and accuracy while managing the often complicated web of relationships between multiple offices who manage disparate data elements. Empower business users to directly manage PIDMs in a structured, secure, and easy-to-use environment.

  • Simple and easy to use – designed with the non-IT user in mind
  • Built with the input of multiple Banner® institutions
  • Identify and manage duplicate PIDMs using a common matching algorithm
  • Merge duplicate records
  • Data owners merge their respective data
  • Duplicate PIDMs are deleted from all the database tables
  • Secure and restricted access
  • Auto Merge with recalculation of GPA, ODS data sync, and re-sequencing of the data
  • Audit user actions with built-in audit trail reporting
  • Scan Process – The scan process identifies possible duplicate PIDMs in the database. You have the option to select a matching source and range before scanning. The scan process has the built-in ability to identify duplicate records based on matching source rules.
  • Interactive Merge – This feature allows the administrator to select and merge information of a good PIDM with the bad PIDM. The interface allows you to:
    • Select/discard the information you want from different tables
    • Enable Auto-merge wherever possible
    • Work within database constraints
    • Handle tables like SPRADDR where a logical sequence for the same PIDM may exist
  • Auto Merge – ElimiName can merge data between original and duplicate records at the click of a button. This will take care of sequence numbers which are part of primary key constraints and can sync sequence numbers which have foreign key references. Auto merge reports any errors encountered so that you can address them via the Interactive Merge function.
  • Inactive Duplicate PIDMs – The administrator has the option to disable the delete button so that users inactivate a selected duplicate PIDM instead of deleting it from the database. This function provides the ability to manage data in custom tables as well.
  • Delete PIDMs – This function identifies the correct column for the PIDM while also deleting the data from other specific tables. The tool also provides the ability to save the records you deleted as insert statements into another table.
  • Exception Table – The admin user can define a list of exception tables. If a PIDM exists in any of these exception tables, then that PIDM record will not be deleted from the entire database. Only specific users have the option to add/remove any table from the list of the exception tables.
  • Task Assignment – Once the merge process starts, the initiator of the merge process can assign merging of different modules to specific data managers. Status of the task assigned can be monitored by the task initiator.
  • Module and Extended Personal Info – ElimiName can display the details about the different modules in which the PIDM is already present. This will help the user to understand the data size in Banner® for a particular PIDM. ElimiName can also display extended personal information like SSN, DOB, addresses, etc.
  • 3rd Party Application Support – Many 3rd party applications are driven by ID not PIDM. When a particular PIDM is deleted from the Banner® database, the records on the third party should also be deleted and necessary changes made.

Disclaimer: OculusIT is not a partner or affiliate nor does an agency relationship exist between Ellucian®, Banner®, or Colleague®. OculusIT does not develop, market or distribute these products or services nor do these companies or products endorse the products or services of OculusIT.


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